The day you received your dentures we made them to the best and most comfortable fit based on your impressions. But it is very common that the dentures may need a few minor adjustments to make sure that they are more comfortable.

If soreness develops, that is considered a normal occurrence and the irritation will not disappear by itself. We do not want you to “try and tough it out” for it may cause further trauma to your tissue.This is an easy fix that just requires smoothing the plastic in the area of the sore spot.   

If your denture is too tight or too loose it may need adjustments on the wires/hooks that hold it on to the teeth. This can happen over time with any denture or as the mouth and teeth change. A very easy method can be used to tighten or loosen your partial dentures and flippers at home.


For that reason we offer our easy to use Dentures On Demand Comfort Adjustment Kit for $49.50 delivered directly to you.

Our Dentures On Demand Comfort Adjustment Kit includes:

1. Instructions and tips: Outlines the best ways to make adjustments for partial or complete dentures

2. Clasp adjuster: This will enable you to tighten or loosen the wires that hold the denture to your teeth

3. Acrylic smoothing handpiece: This will enable you to smooth out the denture to make it more comfortable

*please note that the kit and instructions can be used for all types of partial and full dentures.

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Acrylic Smoothing Handpiece

and adjustment bits

Instructions and tips 

Clasp Adjuster

     Items Included


dentures on demand

Partial Dentures Delivered Directly to You

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